Jersey Shore American Legion Riders Post 36, PA.


News Letter 

Looking Over My Handel Bars

January 2015

Brother and sisters hoping at the start of the New Year all is well. We have a bright new year ahead of us with many exciting things happening within our organization. As you know we have set our ride schedule for the year as follows, Abe Howard Scholarship ride will be May 17th, we will again host the Ed Bouse memorial ride on June 20th. Our veterans ride will be August 16th this year. Oh yes and how could I forget our Breakout party will be June the 6th this year at Steve and Sues. Come on out and see what tom foolery awaits this year, I am sure the fire will again be awesome!!!!

I would like to thank the officers of 2014 for a great year and most of all, you the Brothers and Sisters of this organization for your support because without your efforts we the officers have nothing. Keep in mind we are all just spokes in the wheel and without them the wheel does not run true.

We have attended this year’s Summit meeting and successfully had our rides added to the agenda. Also keep an eye on SVBT’s events calendar for our rides and rides of other clubs and organizations to attend.

Just a few of the Goals we need to keep in focus for the upcoming year are as follows. Strive To become a better member within our Legion family and attend all meetings for our divisions as possible. Strive To support all events and fund raisers of our respectful divisions as often as we can. Strive to support our other Legion Rider groups and local clubs and organizations with their rides and events. Most importantly enjoy the ride along the way; it is truly a great one.

With a little pride and commitment we will again be one of the best rider groups in 2015. For the most part we just need to keep doing what we do. Remember; Legion Riders Never Forget, whether it would be our Vets past, present, and future, or our Brothers and Sisters!!!!

God Bless, Pres.